Underused Faceclaim - Joe Brooks

Playable Ages 

Because he’s actually 24, though he has the face of someone younger than him, he could range anywhere from 17-24

What She’s Known For

He’s a singer with two albums: Constellation Me and A Reason to Swim.

Why She Should be Used More

Joe Brooks does not seem to be well known, whether it be with music, youtube or roleplay. He has a nice face, a nice voice and though he seems to be restricted to the “nice guy” personality, he’s very fitting of it. Plus, he’d look rather nice on your dashboard, if you know what I mean. Though he is not well known, you can find a mild amount of pictures and more gifs than you would think. This makes him a great additive to your roleplay. 

Possible Personalities

  • The typical or not-so-typical jock straight out from high school.
  • The charming guy who’s everybody’s friend but doesn’t have a real friend to call his own.
  • The well rounded guy who has an entire road of success before him.
  • The popular guy that you know who does more drugs than school work and can get away with it better than you can.
  • Someone who really obsesses himself with film and film making, constantly recording short films of his own.