Underused Faceclaim - Aislinn Paul

Playable Ages 

Somewhere around 16-20

What She’s Known For

Though she has been in a few things, she’s most well known for Teennick’s Degrassi: the Next Generation.

Why She Should be Used More

Firstly, look at Aislinn’s face. She has round cheeks, bright eyes and the smile that could make a million drop dead with the gleam of her teeth. She’s gorgeous. Not to mention that she also has quite a few pictures and gifs due to her time on the popular Teennick show, as well as a bright future that would bring in many more. This offers quite a bit of opportunity and I’d love to see her in more roleplays. 

Possible Personalities

  • The innocent type, with round eyes that haven’t yet seen much of the world.
  • Well played, she could probably be a pretty good bitch.
  • The positive one who shoots for the moon with her aspirations, whatever that may be. 
  • Could be played as the outdoorsy one who finds herself most comfortable in the woods. 
  • The kind of person who’s considered very “indie,” not interested in the usual activities, but instead sipping coffee in some sort of used book store nestled in the downtown area.